Why choose a couples-only hotel for your honeymoon?

Everyone has great vacations at various destinations and unique hotels. We typically see all ages of people at hotels and that hardly matters to us. But one of the most important criteria for having a laid-back and relaxed honeymoon is to have like-minded people around. That’s where couples-only hotels make a difference.

I can say this out of personal experience, but one great evening reminds me of the importance of this significant aspect.

It was my high school reunion party. I met my five besties after a long time. I was so excited to meet them in person, though we often connected via chats and social media. After dancing and boozing till our legs gave up, we headed for dinner.

As we chatted, our focus turned to Andy who was marrying his boss. The fun chat stopped at the topic ‘honeymoon’. That’s when we decided to talk about our individual honeymoon experiences.

We almost bullied Cathy to start first.

“Okay, we had lots and lots of amazing sex!” she said and kept silent.

“Come on, it’s like saying, we went to a beach destination and swam in the sea. We know honeymoons are for sex! But tell us what else did you do besides sex?”, said Andy who was going to get married.

Cathy continued “Well that is the only ‘thing’ we could do on our honeymoon! We wanted to have a relaxing honeymoon without too much adventure and activities. We were staying in a resort fully crowded with all types of people. Families, singles, groups of singles, corporate groups, there was every type of traveler you could imagine. Fate was not on our side, as the adjacent room was occupied by a family with 4 kids. Two boys aged 5 and 7 years and twins who were just a few months old. The twins would cry day and night. Forget the twins, the 2 boys were monsters who threw tantrums in any possible situation and at any hour of the day. The tantrums were always accompanied by yelling. First, they would yell and then their parents would.”frustration

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“Fate was really playing with us. That family was pretty much present for the entire duration of our honeymoon. What worse could we have than sharing a common wall with them. On our first night, as we were trying to get naughty, we heard a huge sound! It sounded like the shattering of glass. Pissed off, we immediately called maintenance. At the same time, we were also concerned for the family. It seemed the kids had broken a glass top coffee table. The accident hurt no one but their dad’s wallet”, said Cathy as if it was happening real time.

Re-living the hurt, she continued “Guests had occupied all the rooms of the hotel. This family had become so infamous, that none exchanged their room with us. We had no option but to stay put in our room. If we heard the kids screaming, we would complain and the noise would reduce. But how could we complain when the twins cried? The hotel apologized for the situation and even offered us a discount as a gesture. We didn’t even think of shifting to another hotel. Everywhere due to the holiday season, availability was very low or rooms were damn expensive. On some days, we utilized the daytime when the family would be out sightseeing. On most of the days, we would end up staying late, until there were no noises. Towards the end of our stay, we even started feeling normal”, said Cathy laughing hysterically.

Jumping on to the discussion, Rachel said, “We were in a similar situation during our honeymoon.”

“Oh Really? Shoot, I am all ears”, said Cathy quite eager to hear a we-were-in-the-same-boat story.

Rachel started “I and Gary chose a resort which had individual cottage units for accommodation. We were absolutely clear, we didn’t want to share a wall! We had an awesome time talking, eating, drinking, sight-seeing, light activities and a lot of lovemaking. Two days later, the huge neighboring villa, was occupied by a family. It was one huge family with four couples; three young and one elderly and five kids. And they were obviously in the resort to have a blast. That night, they were having a big party with the loudest of music and loud chit-chat. We immediately called the duty manager, after which the noise mellowed down.”

“Next morning during breakfast, Gary ran into one of the couples and it turned out that Gary knew the guy. He was a distant friend and Gary introduced me to them. They insisted we join them for breakfast. We had a great time knowing the family and munching on fresh muffins and scrambled eggs on toast. When we reached our cottage, I told Gary, how wrong we were and they were such nice people. It was evening time and we wanted to have dinner. As we reached there, we saw that family was already waiting for their turn in the buffet queue. As soon as they saw us, they screamed ‘Hey Gary, please join us’. We wanted to have a quiet dinner between the two of us, but somehow, we reluctantly joined the family. That evening we didn’t enjoy much, as we spent our couple’s only time on unnecessary socializing”, said Rachel.Sarcastic smile She continued, “The next day, we had an early breakfast as we wanted to enjoy a bike ride in the morning. The family wasn’t there for breakfast and we heaved a sigh of relief. It was afternoon when we returned from our bike ride. Our cottage had its own picket fencing and a nice little swing. To our dismay, the kids from that family were playing on it like crazy. As we were still watching them, the elderly couple called out to us. ‘Hello, kids. How was your day? It seems our grandchildren like your swing more than ours. Hope you don’t mind’. And they laughed. We too laughed sarcastically and said it was not a problem. But deep beneath, it was a problem. Come on, what the hell was going on. We wanted to get into our rooms and wanted to get into the mood. But with those kids just outside the cottage and their noise, it was difficult to set the mood.”

“I said to Gary that they seemed to be good people but they were over-friendly. They were trying to intrude in our personal space whenever possible. The problem was, they didn’t even realize it. We decided to talk to the duty manager and ask for a room change. The manager understood our problem. Luckily for us, there was another cottage far off from where the family stayed and we shifted immediately”, said Rachel looking visibly relieved.Say no“Next morning, we were done with our breakfast, when the family had just come. They asked us the reason for the cottage change. We convinced them by saying there was a big maintenance issue in the bedroom. They didn’t have any plan to go out that day and asked us if we could join them for poker in the afternoon if we didn’t have any other plans. We politely declined and took a swift exit. From that day until the last day of our stay, we made sure we don’t ever encounter them”, said Rachel smiling with mixed emotions.

In Cathy’s case, there was nothing they could really do. The resort admitted all age groups and it was her bad luck that the family turned out to be their neighbors. The shared walls made it even worse.

Rachel’s experience was a little different; at least they had their own cottage and no walls to share. They could have been firm from the very beginning, but they were being nice. When they learned, it was enough, they decided to completely ignore the family. Though, they lost a few great moments of each other’s company and instead socialized unnecessarily.

These experiences nail down the fact that a couples-only resort is a MUST choice for a honeymoon. Particularly if you want to have a relaxing honeymoon and where you would spend a lot of time at the hotel.

If you are going to spend a lot of time outdoors, you probably can still opt for an all-ages hotel. Eventually, you will face children and families when you dine or use the pool for example.

What is a couples-only resort, you may ask?

  • Couples-only resorts permit only couples. Couples of ages, but only couples.
  • They don’t obviously allow any children or families.
  • They don’t accept singles.
    NOTE: Couples-only and adults-only resorts are different. Adults-only resorts allow couples. But they also allow singles e.g. an all-guys group, a mixed adults group, single backpackers etc.
  • The hotel doesn’t allow groups.
  • The settings and the ambiance at couples-only resorts are very conducive to couples looking for a good time.
    • There are lovely cottages and suites, unique restaurant settings like swim-up bars etc.
    • You get secluded suites and spots for that intimate experience.
    • Private pools and soaking tubs allow couples to have a great time.
    • Romantic dinner settings like candlelight dinners are easily arranged.
    • Some resorts have their own private islands for that ultimate seclusion.
  • Some resorts are LGBT inclusive, which you need to ensure before booking.
  • If you can’t find the right couples-only hotel, your next best option is an adults-only hotel.

One of the best luxury 5-star couples-only all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean is Sandals. They have 16 resorts spread over 6 Caribbean islands. All these resorts are couples-only and dedicated to romance.

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