10 must-have travel safety accessories

Traveling safely is the biggest luxury you can have! Whether you are in the midst of a jungle or in a swanky upscale city, safety should be your number 1 priority.

Read on to find some really cool safety gear you should pack when traveling. By safety, we just don’t mean keeping yourself and your valuables safe from theft. We have also included products and accessories that maintain your health and handle emergencies like a pro!

If you don’t have at least one from this list, then it is high time you make safety a top priority during travel.


Health and hygiene should be your top priority during travel. Get these products and be sick proof!


1. Portable water purifier bottlewater purifier bottleTraveler’s diarrhea can be a killer disease if you are not careful about the water you drink.

When traveling in cities, you can still get access to a lot of places selling packaged drinking water.

But what if you decide to take a trek in the jungle away from your hotel? You can pack a few bottles of water but that can run out. If that happens and you are still in the middle of the jungle, you would naturally try to find a river or a stream. But how can you be sure that the water is safe to drink?

A portable water purifier bottle would make a lot of sense. There are a lot of varieties available. The most radical design is called the ‘life straw’. As the name suggests, it is a straw but with a strong patented filter. You can take a sip from practically any water source and it would taste similar to regular water.

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2. Hand sanitizer

Hand SanitizerWashing hands with water before every meal is definitely a good habit. But what will you do when washing hands is not possible all the time? Especially when traveling; unknowingly you touch at least 100 spots which are swamped with the most dreaded germs.

From bird flu to swine flu and what not! The list is endless. That’s where hand sanitizers prove a clever choice while traveling.

During your air travel though, make sure you carry not more than 100 ml or 3.4 oz of the sanitizer gel. If you like to buy the sanitizer in bulk, you can transfer it into a small 100 ml travel bottle which is easily available.

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To safeguard your belongings like a warrior, choose these products.


3. Slash-proof bags

loctoteloctoteBefore bags like Loctote were created, playing in the beach waters with the entire family was a dream. Someone or the other would always have to look after the valuables like mobiles, camera, wallet, passport etc.

Not anymore!

Loctote is a drawstring bag that can be locked on anything that is fixed and no one can either open it or slash it. The string and the body, both are slash proof and achieve the A9 cut level (strongest measurement to be certified slash-proof). There is also a super sturdy combination lock.

If you are on a beach with Loctote, you can lock it on a beach chair or something similar. The thief would have to steal the entire chair to get your bag!

Not just that, even traveling in the busiest and the most crowded streets and markets become carefree. You don’t have to worry about someone slashing your bag and stealing your valuables.

Loctote was even featured on Shark Tank and is a very popular brand with lots of loyal customers.

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4. Money belt

money beltThieves can easily spot wallets full of cash. On your vacation, especially in crowded markets, your attention will always be divided between having a nice time with your family and constantly making sure your wallet is not stolen.

As the name suggests, these belts easily camouflage for usual belts and no burglar would ever think you are storing cash in it.

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5. Luggage ID tags

luggage ID tagsSometimes it happens that you might be the last person to get down from the airplane. By the time you freshen up in the restroom and reach the luggage belt, you might see that the other passengers have collected most of their luggage. You don’t see your red bag but see a similar bag making the rounds on the conveyer belt. Later you come to realize, that someone else has taken your red bag instead of his! It can also be the other way around.

Luggage ID Tags help you to easily identify your luggage at luggage belts. It will also help others realize it is someone else’s!

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For emergencies, you should definitely secure yourself with these products to be a super survivor.

6. Swiss military knife

swiss army knifeA Swiss military knife is a multi-utility tool that easily fits in your pocket. If you are camping on the banks of a river, you can open your wine bottle cork, cut fruits and veggies and definitely use it for self-defense. Even if you are in the comfort of your hotel, you will find enough attachments that are useful. Most contemporary models are equipped for urban utility.

It is so useful, that there is an entire 200-page best-selling book written on it. It is called The Swiss Army Knife Book: 63 Outdoor Projects.

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7. Pepper spray

pepper sprayImagine you are on your honeymoon and find a secluded place to get romantic. You think you are alone but someone is eyeing you. Who knows the thief might want to just steal from you. But such an encounter could be dangerous.

A pepper spray is a must in such cases. One spray over the bugger’s face and he will be crying for help for a long time.

Just make sure you cover your nose and protect your own eyes before spraying.

These are available in covert designs like key chains and with hand straps. Some even have a range of 18 feet!

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8. Safety Bracelets

There have been many instances where travelers had to be admitted to a hospital due to an emergency. In such cases, wouldn’t it be wise to have a bracelet which has a USB pen drive?USB bracelet Patients can just hand over the USB bracelet and the hospital staff will understand and access it. In this drive, one can store copies of all necessary documents like blood group, allergies to certain food or medicines, passport documents, emergency contact numbers etc.

A fashion accessory that doubles as a security device!

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Another variation (not a USB device), is the Road ID Bracelet.

road ID tagIdeal for kids, pets, elderly with special conditions like Alzheimer and most useful during travel. These are simple customizable bracelets on which you can engrave important information. You can imprint information like name, a couple of emergency contact numbers and blood group.

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9. Emergency lights

A solar-powered light bulb can be ideal for camping, jungle treks, cave exploration and anywhere you won’t see a charging point in days.solar bulbs There are a variety of options to choose from at Amazon India.

A battery powered LED torch or flashlight can be really handy when venturing outdoors. You shouldn’t rely on your mobile torch, as you would need to preserve mobile battery to remain connected.emergency lights If you are trekking in the jungle, you may have estimated your overall trekking time, but there are chances it might get dark when you are returning to your hotel room. A flashlight will save the day (or evening) for you!

Go for a high-end one which is waterproof and with options to zoom in and zoom out.

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10. Personal Safety alarmpersonal alarmSometimes there are these sticky situations where you want to call out for help but you are dead scared. You can call out for help using a personal safety alarm. These alarms are loud enough to grab the attention of people around. You can quickly divert the attention of the bad-ass who is trying to harm you.

As these alarms are small in size, these can be placed near your belt, on your purse handle, in your pocket, a place where it is not very obvious to the attacker and convenient for you.

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