Top 20 travel accessories you can’t miss!

You just finished booking that awesome vacation in a luxurious hotel.

It is a fabulous beach hotel and you already smell the sea, hear the sea-gulls and taste that amazing shrimp, all in your mind! Good times ahead with great excursions, awesome food and drinks and lovely company!

Coming back to your senses, you think about the loads of stuff you need to pack before your trip. It’s going to be hours of traveling, so you want to make sure the luxury is not limited to the hotel but starts with your journey.

When you unpack your luggage in your hotel room, you want everything to be in the right shape and form. You don’t want to be saying ‘Damn, this is broken!’.

This list of top 20 must have travel accessories should give you the confidence you need!

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The following 10 travel accessories are most relevant during packing.

1. Check-in bag

check-in luggage

As obvious as it may sound, people go wrong when choosing the right check-in bag for their trip. The check-in bag should have these features.

  • Should be sturdy – Whether you are traveling to the west or a third world country, luggage bags are always abused during loading and unloading. No, that ‘fragile tag’ will not help. Make sure your bag is sturdy and is able to handle all that mistreatment. You can choose between hard or soft exteriors depending on the things you are carrying.
  • Opt for 4 wheels with 360-degree swivel – Your bag would slide like a dream!
  • Space and more space – Based on the capacity you need, choose the right dimensions.
  • Built-in locks – You won’t need to buy an extra lock if you go for a body mounted TSA-lock.
  • Choose multi-stage aluminum pull handle (you will be able to adjust it according to your height). There are some great options on Amazon India.


2. Carry on Safety bag (for local travel)

We all have experienced that moment on the beach, where we take our belongings (like mobile phone, camera, wallet etc) and risk them getting wet in the sea waves but not stolen. Or imagine a couple on their honeymoon, go out shopping in a busy flea market. They always fear someone would just slash their bag apart and rob their belongings.

If you have bags like Loctote, you can be assured of one thing, that is ‘security’. These are drawstring bags that can be locked on anything that is fixed and no one can either open it or slash it. The string and the body, both are slash proof and achieve the A9 cut level (strongest measurement to be certified slash-proof).

Now if you are on a beach with Loctote, just lock it to the nearest beach chair or something similar. The thief would have to steal the entire beach chair to get hold of your bag! Darn foolish thief!

You get 2 variants viz. the Flak Sack Sport and Flack Sack II.


3. Travel Cube 


‘For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.’ ~ Benjamin Franklin

Franklin was spot on! Especially when you have to travel and deal with many big and small, important and trivial items.

Travel cubes help you pack and unpack your clothes with ease. Your clothes also remain relatively wrinkle-free.

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4. Essentials organizer


This one is for all those essentials like your passport, documents, traveler’s checks, cash etc.

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5. Make-up and jewelry organizer


Never lose track of your favorite earrings or lipsticks.

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6. Electronics organizer


Those USB and earphone cables if let loose, can really be annoying and get in your way, especially if you are trying to urgently find something. Electronics organizers can store anything from mobile phones to micro SD cards.

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7. Shoe bag


When you pack shoes in random bags, there is a risk that your shoes might come out and get mixed with other stuff. You don’t want that especially when the shoes are used and not that clean.

Shoe bags are simple accessories which you can reuse other things as well.

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8. Bottle protector


Your wedding is over and you are packing your bags for your honeymoon. That favorite bottle of wine looks enticing and want to carry it with you. But you just can’t figure out a way to pack it in a way it doesn’t break and spoil everything inside.

Bottle protectors are just the right solution to this problem.

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9. TSA approved luggage lock

TSA lock

Even if your check-in luggage has in-built locks, you should buy a few good TSA approved locks for all your other luggage. Why TSA locks? Well, the airport security has master keys to open your bag in case they find something suspicious without having to destroy the lock or the zipper.

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10. Digital luggage scale

digital luggage scale

You pack your bags for your travel, but you don’t really know how much it weighs. The weighing scale that you use to weigh yourself comes to your rescue. But the effort to perfectly balance the bag on top of it, would not be worth your time. And the results are awful!

A digital weighing scale will come in handy in such cases.

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These following 6 accessories are very handy during your actual transit.

11. Luggage stacker (bag bungee)

luggage stacker

I would always stack my carry-on luggage on top of my check-in luggage. But almost always, it would topple and fall down. A luggage stacker or bag bungee is the right solution to this problem. In fact, you can stack not just 2 but even 3 bags together.

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12. Sleeping pillows/neck pillow

TRT pillow

It is not enough to just roll back your flight seat and sleep, your neck needs support. Especially on long-haul flights.

There is a multitude of options available nowadays.

One such radical new design is the Trtl Pillow, which looks like a scarf to be worn around the neck. But this one claims to give the best support to your neck and has been proven scientifically.

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13. Noise cancellation headphone

noise cancelling headphones

If you are one of those people who would wake up at the drop of a pin, you need noise cancellation headphones while traveling.

Cut out those screams of annoying children or equally annoying adults. But make sure you are attentive enough to announcements at airports or railway stations!

Combine this with foam ear-plugs and you can enjoy silent bliss!

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14. Sleep Mask

Sleep Mask

Sleep where you want, irrespective of the light. On long-haul flights, you decide when you want to sleep. Don’t rely on the flight cabin crew to switch off the lights.

Opt for contoured sleeping masks, to ensure no ray of light seeps in!

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15. Compression Socks

compression socks

Those long hours in the flight are a pain in the legs. Compression socks stimulate blood circulation through gradual compression and thus help reduce swelling and protects against deep vein thrombosis (blood clot – damn painful).

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16. Adjustable airplane hammock

adjustable airplane hammock

Many people like to rest their feet comfortably, without having to directly come in contact with the floor. While some airlines, do keep footrests, you can’t really rely on the quality. These adjustable hammocks or footrests help to reduce back pain and any stiffness or swelling in the legs.

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When you reach your destination, you would at least need these 4 travel accessories.


17. Travel adapter

travel adapter

There is nothing worse than not being able to charge your phone, your laptop, and other gadgets when you are in a foreign country. The travel adapter is an absolute must and cannot be missed!

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18. Clothes-lineclothes line

This one comes handy if you want to dry your clothes while you are away on amazing excursions. Hang it anywhere and however, you want. Come back to your hotel room and see fresh dry clothes!

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19. Travel water bottleswater bottle

There is nothing more soothing than having your favorite drink, hot or cold, whenever you want.

While you may not be allowed to carry liquids beyond a limit in flights, a bottle can certainly help you when traveling locally.

Fill it up with ice cold water or juice. Stock it up with steaming hot coffee.

If you are traveling in places where water quality is questionable, you can also opt for mobile water purifying bottles.

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20. Hair dryer

hair dryer

Yes, you read it right! Numerous studies prove that hair dryers in hotels could be infested with a full colony of germs!

It makes sense to take your own hairdryer. And the uses are multi-fold! If you need to dry some clothes, the dryer can come handy. Or to quickly dry some spilled water on the table or defog bathroom mirrors. If you get wrinkles on clothes, splash a few drops of water and blow dry to get a crisp look.

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There could be many others, but these were the top 20 travel accessories you must have.

What is that one amazing travel accessory, you absolutely cannot miss? Comment now!

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