Done with your Indian wedding? Plan your honeymoon after reading this!

What is a honeymoon?

A perfect definition of Honeymoon taken as-is from Wikipedia!

A honeymoon is a traditional holiday taken by newlyweds to celebrate their marriage in intimacy and seclusion.

This is the period when newlywed couples take a break to share some private and intimate moments that helps establish love in their relationship.

honeymoon definition

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A short story of an Indian couple who were planning their honeymoon

Let’s call them ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve’. Both had a distant family connection and had met a long time back during childhood. They never met again until their families thought they would make a good pair.

They decided to meet and see if indeed, it would click. And, it did! They liked each other and decided to tie the knot. They announced it to their parents, who got all charged up and started making all arrangements for the ‘big Indian arranged marriage’.

Indian wedding preparations

Adam and Eve both were modern and career minded. They didn’t really care about all the typical ‘Indian wedding preparations’. Their parents readily took care of all arrangements, as if they were handling a new-born baby.

But both Adam and Eve always wanted to have their honeymoon, ‘their way’. They didn’t want that their parents or someone else to ‘gift’ them a honeymoon.

Best Honeymoon Package

They both spent a lot of time going thru many tour packages and finally decided to go with one. One evening on a weekday, they both visited that tour operator.

Meeting with the tour operator

This sweet-spoken lady at the office started giving them a brief of various packages. “Sir, the best option for you would be a group honeymoon package. They range from 3 nights & 4 days to 12 nights & 13 days and so on. And they include all meals, transport and we can guarantee you, that you would cover the maximum number of tourist spots than any other tour package in the market”.

Both Adam and Eve started getting interested. But what is a group honeymoon package? It sounds a bit weird and funny to me”, asked Adam.

Group honeymoon package

With a slight embarrassing smile, the sales lady said “Sir, group honeymoon tours are the ones where many couples from around the country start and end their tour together. Sir, all the couples travel in the same coach (an ultra-luxurious coach), stay at the same resort, follow the same itinerary. We design it that way to give our customers the best value at the minimum cost. You might think, why should we travel in a group? That’s a very valid question. It’s just for some time that you are surrounded by other couples (during travel, restaurants etc), else you are free to do your own things. Sir, if you book today you get an additional 15% discount. Would you be paying by cash or cheque?”

“We need some time to think and we will come back’, said Eve.

A good old friend’s experience!

The next day in office, during lunchtime, Adam met his old friend and colleague. The conversation shifted to honeymoon planning. That’s when Adam got a pretty good insight on what a group honeymoon is! His friend had his own honeymoon as a group package.

The wedding preparations

His friend started to share his own experience, “As you know, our Indian weddings have so many pre and post ceremonies! Although my parents and in-laws took care of the preparations, there were too many things to be done before the actual wedding ceremony. A couple of weeks before the wedding, relatives had joined us from different places. There used to be late night parties, shopping, and many fun but tiring events! Our wedding ceremony was scheduled for the evening time and the reception was the following day.”

wedding preparation

indian wedding ceremony

As you would know, these ceremonies sap the energy out of you! And the reception day! You would know how tiring it becomes for the couple. We were standing there on the podium for a long time meeting a few known and many unknown faces and giving photo sessions.

Even after the reception, we had some additional ceremonies and lot of relatives to meet. We had booked a group honeymoon package, a few days after the reception. As we were so fatigued by the whole experience, we were dying to go for our honeymoon! As ours was an ‘arranged marriage’, we were expecting this holiday to be our most joyous experience which would give us ample time and enjoyable moments to know and understand each other. Actually, it doesn’t matter if the marriage is arranged or you both knew each other (what we call a ‘love marriage’). The honeymoon period is meant to be a memorable experience where the focus is only the couple and gives them a chance to form a strong bond.

honeymoon moments

The forgettable honeymoon experience!

Changing his tone, his friend continued, “The day came, when we were so excited and caught our early flight to Delhi for our 9 nights 10 days Simla-Kullu-Manali honeymoon.

As it was a group tour, couples from all other places were supposed to meet at Delhi and from there we would board a coach and start our journey. We were supposed to start our trip to Chandigarh at around 11:00. But we started our trip very late at around 3 or 4 pm. Why? Because one couple in the group had missed their flight and had requested us to hold on until they joined us. To while away our time, all the couples (including us) were roaming around near the pick-up location and tried to show that it didn’t affect our ‘honeymoon mood’.

Finally, when the couple joined us, we left for Chandigarh and reached late evening. We had dinner at the hotel and were about to leave for our rooms when the tour manager stopped all of us”.

The tour starts!

The tour manager said, “We all have to leave at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning for Simla. So, please be ready for breakfast at 7:15 sharp!.

Adam’s friend said, “We said to each other, what the hell? Leaving so early? It’s like being asked to report in the morning”.


“But that’s the way these tour packages work”, said Adam’s friend. “The itinerary is so packed with locations and activities; the basic premise of a honeymoon is turned on its head”.

Every honeymoon day felt like a rat race!

He continued, “From that day onwards, our honeymoon ended up being just another ‘tour’ where we started our day waking up early to reach the first among the ten spots that we had to cover during the day! Those pure moments of togetherness started to become nothing but photo sessions to complete the wedding album. It started feeling that we were competing and declaring to the world that ‘we are the couple that reached the maximum number of places and these photos are the proof!’”.

Without giving Adam a chance to react or speak, his friend said “At every location, we were given a ‘time limit’ to enjoy the place and return back to move on to the next location. And if a couple was late, wait for them! Also, we were always moving in a bus packed full of people we didn’t know (and didn’t want to know; damn it was ‘our’ honeymoon!). We just wanted to know more about each other than anyone else.”

With a sarcastic smile on his face, he continued, Ultimately at the end of every day, when we returned to our hotel rooms, we would be too tired to do anything (you get the point!)“.

honeymoon magic

“One day, we were lucky enough to return to our hotel room early. And guess what? The tour manager proudly declared to everyone”, “We have arranged for a special magic show designed for couples, please do join”. Still feeling the anger as if the event was happening in front of us, his friend said, “To hell with him, we stayed put in our room and decided to do our own magic!”.

The tiring honeymoon had more surprises

His friend continued, “At the end of the tour, we even had a group photo with all the couples and the tour manager. You really can’t say no to such a request. And finally, when you get the photograph, you actually put it somewhere in your album. We still do have that photo! So, our memories were sealed; our honeymoon was accompanied by lots of people, we didn’t know, we did a lot of things we didn’t want to do, and we rarely spent some real quality time and moments with each other!”.

group honeymoon pic

His friend continued in a nostalgic tone, As kids when I watched movies, I would see the hero-heroines wandering around in scenic locations, enjoying a quiet boat ride, sitting peacefully near a hilltop and enjoying each other’s company. But our movie, though we have a few fond memories, was not that enjoyable and we feel we should go for a 2nd honeymoon sometime later to nullify those memories.”

The friend saved Adam’s honeymoon!

Hearing this, Adam was silent. Part shocked, part relieved. Relief, that they didn’t book that group tour right away!

Both Adam and Eve decided to go for a custom tour, even if they ended up spending more. All they wanted were moments of solitude, togetherness, and romance!

Adam and Eve put together their own checklist for their honeymoon.

  • Our own itinerary – This is something that we will create as per our liking. We don’t want a forced itinerary. We will research the place, things to do and plan it accordingly.
  • Excellent service and amenities – Top class accommodations, awesome food and service with a smile!
  • Easy travel arrangements and airport transfers – If it’s a foreign trip, the VISA processing, and travel arrangements should be hassle-free. Airport transfers should be easy and efficient.
  • Excellent weather and locals – The weather should be excellent (no spoilers like excessive rains or snow which could chain you to your rooms). The locals should be friendly and in general proud of a tourist culture.
  • Value for money – The package should be the best bang for the buck! We don’t mind spending, but we want more for less!
  • Our own memories – We will create our own memories which will have only the two of us! We are not interested in socializing on our honeymoon.

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