Do you always think luxury has a big price tag?

You might have made some big purchases, but did they improve your quality of life?

Did you choose a mediocre product over a fantastic one, only because of the price?

Do you still pay a lot for maintenance, because you chose a low-price low-quality product?

Do you find yourself taking a lot of effort, whereas the machine you bought should have done all the work?


We were no different!

Earlier in our lives, we also made the same mistakes. In fact, much more! Whenever we had to choose, we always compared things by their price tag. We would buy mediocre products to save some money but eventually spent a lot more. This additional expense would either be for maintenance or for buying a better product! Apart from the expense, the effort, time and frustration were like rubbing chilies on a wound!

Here are some real-life situations you might be able to relate.

Replicas in the name of Luxury!

If you are a watch aficionado, Rolex is a brand much revered. If you often search for Rolex watches, you could get marketing emails or browser ads selling watches. These emails or ads might offer an 80% discount on your favorite Rolex watch.

You visit the website only to know that they make ‘replicas’ or ‘true copy’ of Rolex and other brands. If your intention is just to impress, you might go ahead and buy it.

After buying it, you realize that the sub-dials are don’t work (they are there just for the aesthetics). You still wear it and after a few days or weeks, you notice scratches on the crystal. Or you get skin rashes because of the poor metal quality. The watch starts to get ignored and it goes into some corner of your closet. The watch is forgotten forever. Your money is lost and so is your happiness.

In your mind, you are thinking, “For that money, I could have bought another great watch! Not a Rolex but something which offered me true value and luxury!”.

Pushing high quality for later!

Imagine, you go to a shop to buy good cookware.

Stainless steel cookware

You see a variety of options from the cheap to the most expensive. You hover somewhere between the average and the most expensive, and you are in a dilemma. The price difference is considerable but you really like that shining, fully stainless-steel, saucepan with the most exquisite finishing.

To save some money, you end up buying an average non-stick saucepan, thinking, “I will take that next time for sure, not now”. You start using it and after some time the non-stick coating is off at places, but you still keep on using it for some reason.

In your mind, you say, “I think I made a big mistake. I should have gone for that full stainless-steel saucepan. This non-stick saucepan is just shedding its toxic coating and it’s going right into our food! That elegant stainless-steel saucepan would also have been such a collectible item. It could have lasted a lifetime!”.

Forgettable vacations?

One of our personal experiences was a Europe tour that we had planned for months. Just to save a few thousand, we ended up with a mediocre tour operator and package. The itinerary, accommodation, and food were OK, but not memorable. We still remember that trip, but not for the vacation package itself. We remember it for the great locations we visited (how could the Swiss Alps go wrong?).

Had we chosen a better package, the amazing locations could be paired with a great itinerary, lip-smacking food, luxurious hotel rooms, and awesome service. That could have been one sweet memory, we would cherish for a lifetime!

We changed our approach

We had many such stories of ‘settling for the mediocre’.

Finally, we decided to give our old habits a good farewell. We started to focus on value and quality, even if it meant spending a bit more. And it was only once in a while that we had to spend a ‘lot of money’ for something luxurious. Most of the things we bought, were just ‘a little more’ expensive compared to the value and luxury they offered.

We want to share with you, all that we have learned! Each and every experience that could make your life comfortable, easy, and luxurious.

Who are we?

We are a team that is passionate about luxury.

When we buy something, we never settle for a mediocre product. We go for one which is feature-rich, exquisitely designed, and offers full value, even if it is a bit expensive.

We like to have unique experiences, that we remember for life!

Anything that adds value to our lives is worth the effort and money. Spending on cheap imitations just to impress, is not our forte. 😊

The IDL (IDreamLuxury) team

Having spent a considerable amount of time in the hospitality industry and is a top-class 5-star hotel, I know the importance of service. The difference between a ‘hotel’ and a ‘luxury hotel’ is the service, the amenities, the vision and a no-compromise attitude towards guests. I know what it takes to serve customers in the craziest of floods and in the busiest seasons.

As a homemaker and Entrepreneur, I am trying to bring the same thought process in my daily life. My endeavor is to buy the best quality products and services.

I am of the opinion that, you could always enjoy luxury without having to spend a bomb!

As a personal mission, I am trying to spread this message to family, friends, and people who aspire to lead a luxurious life.

I love great skincare products, vacations, amazing food, movies and much more.

You would see engaging posts from me on topics like ‘Travel and Vacations’, ‘Home’, ‘Beauty’ and other aspects of life as I keep on exploring and learning.😊

                                                                                                        – IDL-gal

I am an IT guy (not a nerd 😊). I have spent more than 15 years of my life in the IT industry. Having spent a lot of time supporting world-class customers, I too have great appreciation and understanding for customer service.

I love the finer things in life and believe in ‘spend once and enjoy forever’.

I have a decent knowledge of luxury watches and would like to share it with you. Again, the information in my posts would be very simple, interesting, and fun-to-read. I would also write about ‘Travel and Vacations’, ‘Home’ and other topics.

                                                                                               – IDL-guy

What is IDreamLuxury?

IDreamLuxury is about personal experiences, tastes and everything that excites us and brings a dash of luxury to our lives!


It is a vision to bring the best content online on anything related to luxury. Awesome content, awesome product and service recommendations and much more! All about luxury!

We would like to share our thoughts, experiences, and knowledge with like-minded people. It could be a thing that we wanted to add to our home. Or it could be one that we purchased while traveling. It could be an awesome service that we sought! Things and experiences that made us happy. That made us feel luxurious.

Our posts would be in multiple categories and in a simple language. We would spare no effort to keep them engaging, informative and eye-catching!

The last thing we want is a dozed off reader! 😊

Our definition of luxury

Luxury is not necessarily owning your own yacht, a private jet, a mansion, the most expensive truffle or a Rolls Royce!

Well, these definitely are the epitome of luxury and we would talk about this occasionally (to whet our appetites of course 😊). But that is not what we are going to discuss here.

At IDreamLuxury, we are going to talk about things that don’t necessarily burn a hole in our pockets, yet give us the edge to lead a luxurious life!

We go with a simple ideology. ‘Never settle for an average product. If on a budget, delay the decision, save money for it and buy the best product out there to enjoy it for life!’.

There are numerous personal experiences that could drive the point home, but here are a few that explain our version of luxury!

Also if a product is super expensive, it is not necessary that it is worth it!

Sleeping well is a luxury!

Mark Ford in his awesome book called ‘Living Rich: How To Live As Well As a Billionaire on a Middle-Class Budget’ presents some great tips on how to enjoy a luxurious life. One of them was sleeping with luxury. We thought, even if we spent 6 hours of sleep every day, we would actually spend 1/4th of our lives sleeping. So why not sleep comfortably and awake feeling fresh? There are also numerous statistics to prove the importance of a mattress for a good night’s sleep.

Luxury mattress

It made sense to us. We decided to invest in a great mattress and visited many good stores. But we just could not choose one due to a multitude of choices. After searching a lot and being unable to decide, the mattress took a backseat.

Days passed and it turned out that my wife was advised to undergo a surgery. Although a minor surgery, after she returned home, she was just not feeling comfortable sleeping on the same old mattress. That’s when we took an immediate decision to buy the mattress from the same shop who had given us a great demo.

Once it was delivered, the mattress felt awesome, luxurious! Soft memory foam to give a good luxurious feel to the body, but firm enough to keep the spine in position. That is luxury for us!

Why choose mediocre for the time being?

I was always a big fan of cruiser bikes. I love the feeling of sitting comfortably on a bike and traveling distances without feeling fatigued.

Cruiser bike

When I was just starting my career, I didn’t want to spend a bomb on a cruiser and yet wanted to have the same feeling of elegance and comfort. The best option available to me was a semi-cruiser from ‘Yamaha’. It had a great look, low seated design, wide rider seat and the first of a kind footboard (it didn’t have a footrest like a bar but an actual footboard which looked similar to a big in-sole of a shoe). Felt royal, classic and comfortable. It didn’t have the power though; just 125 cc. But it was better than all the 125 ccs out there, in terms of luxury and comfort.

I always had the good old ‘Royal Enfield’ in mind as my next cruiser. After about 9 years, I felt the need for a bike with more horsepower. I didn’t want to spend the kind of money you do on a Royal Enfield. After searching for many bikes, I had almost decided on buying a Scooter. Yes, you heard it right! From a semi-cruiser to a Scooter! Why? Because it had a powerful engine compared to my bike and was well under budget. But my wife reminded me of my style and never wanted me to buy another bike, which was not to my liking. She said, “Let’s wait for some time, save for it and buy a Royal Enfield”.

Finally, when it was time to buy it, I went for a test ride. I fell in love with the Thunderbird, as it had the same styling and comfort of my good old Enticer, but with a powerful engine. Once booked, it was a wait of 3 months! And it was worth it! I enjoy riding on my Thunderbird every single time. Thanks to my wife who reminded me, ‘Not to settle for a mediocre, rather, take some time, save and buy what you really want’.

Nothing but the best, always!

It was 2012 when our old 29” CRT TV broke down.

Old Television

We repaired it once, but the result was same. I was discussing with my wife, “Do we buy a 32” or a 36”, LCD or LED”. My wife said, “Why should we only go for a slightly bigger TV? Our next one should be really good, grand size and should serve us for years. Why look at smaller models?”. It made sense to me. After doing the rounds of multiple stores, we decided to go for a great, slim, 46” LED TV. It was over our budget, but it was well worth the price. We opted for a no-interest EMI, after paying a down payment.

We still remember the first time we saw a TV show on it. The characters were literally popping out of the screen and showing each little detail which, we never noticed on our old TV. Till today it is one of our most prized possessions (we even miss it whenever we are traveling). Again, thanks to my wife and some smart financial arrangements, we were able to avoid settling for an average or mediocre product!

What could you expect from our blogs?

There are many personal experiences that trickle down to each and every aspect of our lives. From the bathroom to the kitchen space, from the living room to the car, from the workspace to travel; you could always add a dash of luxury by making some smart and informed choices!

You could find articles and posts which contain:

  • Awesome and engaging information about products. E.g. Different types of watches, various beauty brands etc.
  • Detailed recommendations for products that we used or want to use.
  • Top products in a few categories. E.g. The top automatic watches
  • Tips and tricks on making great purchases
  • Sneak-peak at high-end luxury
  • And more!

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